Julmust in 2014

Recently I saw Christmas Soda at the local Weis Markets store. I still see Christmas Soda at Wegmans.


Where can you buy Julmust?

So you’re not from Sweden and you want to buy the popular swedish drink Julmust?

Here are several places where you can buy from stores & online websites:

Several places to buy Julmust:
– IKEA stores (Rarely available-  IKEA store in Boston, Mass.)
– Wegmans stores? Yes they do have Swedish foods & stuffs but I have never seen any (not even one) Julmust drink.
http://kristallbeverage.com/home/jul.html (Official Website- the online store is always down *offline*)
http://www.scandinavianfoods.net (not sure if they do)

Just do a search for ‘Julmust’ at Google.com.